What You Should Wear If You Have Thick Thighs

Many women have thick legs and often they choose to wear dark clothes and long pants instead of wearing fashionable clothes. If you recognize yourself in these words, you shouldn’t hide behind a pair of jeans or trousers. Learn how to wear skirts and dresses so that your legs look thinner.

If you have thick legs, monochromatic outfits will elongate your silhouette and it will leave the impression that you have thin legs. When you choose to wear a skirt, you should know that the correct length must reach the thinnest part of the leg: below the knee or below the ankle.

How do you choose the right pair of pants?

If you have thick legs you should avoid shorts or chino pants. Straight, classic, or flared ones are suitable for you and you should choose a pair without details because that might attract attention.

The suitable skirt for thick legs

Skirts may not be your best friend, but you can find a way to wear them in your advantage. The secret is to avoid the tight ones that stop above the knee. What fits you best are midi skirts, bulky, or long ones.

How to choose the right shoes?

The shoe shape is as important as the heel. Don’t wear flats or other small shoes, because they highlight your thick leg. Also, you have to avoid stilettos, small heels, and strap shoes because they’ll have the same effect on you. Peep toes with thick heels and wide calf boots are the best choices. Be careful, however, not to wear boots with short skirts, because they will never fit well.

Image Credits: Girls Matters

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