The Best Home Remedy For Ulcers

Although many people blame potatoes and exclude them from their menu, considering them unhealthy or enemies to our weight, we say that these vegetables can treat various stomach problems. They are not unhealthy, it depends how they are prepared.
Only the French are to blame. Baked or boiled, potatoes with olive oil are great for your health.

Fresh potato juice is very beneficial in digestive disorders. It contains an unique antibacterial molecule that can treat ulcers and destroy the “bad” stomach bacteria. Also it treats gastric acidity and it soothes the digestive mucosa.
Besides ulcers, potato juice can help in treating constipation, gout, rheumatism, heart disease, diabetes, and strengthens the immune system.

All you have to do is to put in a juicer 2 peeled raw potatoes and drink this healthy juice daily on an empty stomach. For a better taste, add 2 teaspoons of honey.

Image Credits: Whatsonxiamen

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