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Homemade Remedy To Treat Joint Pain

This oil is made from hot red pepper and is useful in treating rheumatism, joint pain, and neuralgia. This oil is part of the warm healing oils. The effect that this oil has is helping the capillaries expand, increases blood circulation in the upper skin, amplify the vitamin effect on metabolism, and act towards the regenerative skin process. Ingredients: -10 …

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Natural Way To Prevent And Treat Rheumatism

To prevent joint stiffness and rheumatic pains, it’s better to try herb remedies to eliminate residues from the body. The following recipe has been used for centuries in the Saxon villages. Ingredients (for 100 grams of mixture): -1 teaspoon of dried nettle leaves -1 teaspoon of dried birch leaves -half a teaspoon of dried willow bark -half a teaspoon of …

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