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Baking Soda – Amazing Results In Treating Candida

Vaginal candidiasis is the most common genital disease that every woman faces at some point in life. Candidiasis is one of the genital diseases with a quick effect which has a very simple treatment, but untreated, it can have bad repercussions on the woman’s reproductive organs. Baking soda alkalizes the bladder and the vagina so that bacteria and fungi are …

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The Best Herbal Remedy For Candida

Vaginal infections are caused by various micro-organisms that normally exist in the vagina. Candida is responsible most of the time for this infection. To alleviate itching and burning, prepares an infusion of rosemary and apply it to the genitals with a towel. You can also drink 1 to 4 thyme teas per day prepared from a teaspoon of thyme per …

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