Step-By-Step Instructions To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks And Fade The Old Ones

Weight fluctuations, genetic inheritance, sudden weight gain or pregnancy are the main causes that lead to the appearance of stretch marks. Along with these, sedentary and chaotic lifestyle, stressed and routine, are factors that indirectly trigger the appearance of stretch marks, through the imbalances they cause in the body.

The best treatment against unsightly lines that bruises especially the thighs, breasts and abdomen is prevention. If you haven’t managed to avoid stretch marks, well you can fade them and even can get rid of them.

Homemade recipes to get rid of stretch marks

Brown sugar, coffee grounds and ginger scrub

For the skin tissue to regenerate properly, it’s necessary to constantly use an exfoliating mixture that is gentle with your skin and at the same cleanses your skin of impurities. Brown sugar is an excellent ingredient for any scrub recipe you prepare. On the other hand, due to the active substances it contains, ginger stimulates blood circulation and, implicitly, cellular oxygenation. In addition, coffee grounds get you rid of cellulite and hydrates the skin. If you add heated olive oil in this composition and massage the affected area with circular movements, you‘ll get rid of stretch marks.

Aloe Vera moisturizing cream with vitamin E

You will surely find this moisturizing cream for stretch marks in cosmetic shops, but it’s quite expensive. But if you prepare it at home with unprocessed ingredients you’ll get a high quality cream for stretch marks.

You need to extract the gel from a few leaves of aloe vera and add a few capsules of vitamin E (the quantities depend on the area with stretch marks). You can replace vitamin E with olives, parsley, avocado or almond oil.
For visible results, you should use this cream twice a week after preparing your skin with a steam bath and right after you’ve used the brown sugar scrub above.

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