How To Remove Ingrown Hair On Your Body Without Using A Tweezers

Ingrown hairs affect both women and men, and occur primarily on the legs and in the groin area. It seems that those persons with plenty of hair are more prone to folliculitis. Instead of squeezing and removing the ingrown hairs with a tweezers, you better use the following natural remedies to get rid of them.

Hot compresses are not only useful in relieving menstrual pain, but also help the hair yarn grown under the skin to find its way to the surface. Moisten a clean towel in warm water and dab for a few minutes the affected area of folliculitis: in the end, the hair yarns will find their way to the surface.

Aloe vera is a real miracle and there is almost no skin problem that can’t be solved. Mix this wonder ingredient with tea tree oil and apply it to the inflamed area. Repeat this procedure several times and you’ll get rid of this painful and unaesthetic problem.

What you shouldn’t do! Under any circumstances, don’t squeeze or use a tweezers to remove the ingrown hair. The area can get infected.

Image Credits: Curehows

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