Natural Remedy To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

First symptoms of dark circles are the color differences and, as the years pass, there is the depth difference between the eye base and cheek.

You should know that the sleepless nights or fatigue are the causes of dark circles. Stress and chaotic lifestyle are only aggravating factors. When you feel tired eyes, you can use chamomile or cornflower compresses, but cold cucumber slices are great, too.

These natural remedies with cold compresses decrease inflammation so that blood and lymphatic circulation can be relieved.

Don’t expect, however, for some deep dark circles to disappear just like that. You have to take care of them even in the teen years to slow down the process.

All you need is an egg-white well mixed, then apply this mixture with a cosmetic brush around your eyes. Let it absorb well (like 30 minutes), then rinse with cold water. After that, put 2 slices of peeled potato or 2 slices of cucumber on your eyes.

Image Credits: Livestrong

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