Homemade Toner to Get Rid of Dark Circles Fast and Naturally

The dark circles are easily noticed and many times we are blaming the sleepless nights and tiredness for having it. The dark circles source is the capillaries around the sensitive area of the eye. The veins are very small and this is why the red cells will not stick together anymore, being the enzymes to break it down. When the hemoglobin is decomposed it will form dark blue components, visible on the skin surface. It is possible that this process will occur in other parts of the body also, but only around the eyes the skin is so thin that you can actually see the broken capillaries.

We can have dark circles around the eyes because of hyperpigmentation – an excess of melanin, often seen in dark-skinned persons. Regarding the fair skin color persons, the older they get, the thinner the skin around the eyes will be, and the broken blood vessels will be even more visible. To find out what is the cause for the dark circles around your eyes, press the area gently with your finger. If the skin will become white, the cause is poor blood circulation or water retention. If not, the cause is an excess of melanin.

Homemade natural toner to help you get rid of the dark circles and brighten your eyes:

If you want to diminish the dark circles around your eyes, you can create a tonner right in your kitchen. You will need one lemon, one cucumber and one potato. Peel the potato and the cucumber and put it in a juice maker. Meanwhile, squeeze the lemon and mix it with the cucumber and potato juice. You can apply it with a cotton pad every night, before sleep.

If you need on the spot results use cucumber slices. Simply cut the cucumber and keep the slices on your eyes for 20 minutes. You will feel an amazing breeze and your eyes will be refreshed instantly.

In my opinion, if you are looking for long term results, you should also have some rules for your lifestyle: drink at least eight glasses of water daily, sleep for minimum eight hours each night, have a low intake of vitamin A (it can cause sensitivity for the blood vessels) and use almond oil instead of your regular eye contour cream.

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