Homemade Remedy To Treat Joint Pain

This oil is made from hot red pepper and is useful in treating rheumatism, joint pain, and neuralgia. This oil is part of the warm healing oils.
The effect that this oil has is helping the capillaries expand, increases blood circulation in the upper skin, amplify the vitamin effect on metabolism, and act towards the regenerative skin process.


-10 fresh red peppers
-2 olive oil cups
-1 glass jar


Wash the peppers and chop it finely. Put the chopped peppers in a jar and pour over the olive oil unto the peppers. Mix well, then place the jar in a dark place. After 7 days, strain the mixture. Use the reddish oil to massage your skin. First, rub yourself with oil several times a day whenever you feel joint pain or any kind of pain. After the massage, cover the affected area with a towel.

After the treatment you will feel warmth on the skin, but it will be bearable as the oil goes deep into the skin. Store it in a dark place.

Image Credits: Build Life Healthy

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