Get Rid Of Superficial Scars With This Homemade Ointment

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Violet Cream is used for healing scars. Used regularly, this cream dissolves sometimes even the toughest scar tissue acting in depth.

You need:

-20 g of bloom violets
-10 ml of olive oil
-20 g of sheep fat
-3-4 drops of rose essential oil

Method of preparation:

In a bowl, put the chopped violets, along with olive oil and mutton tallow, and let it heat up in a Bain Marie, stirring constantly. After the mutton tallow melted, mix for a few minutes, then filter.

While the mixture cools, add the essential rose oil drops like the ointment to take longer. Store it in a clean cream box. This ointment can last for an entire year if is kept in a refrigerator.

Image Credits: Katekerrlondon

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