Get Rid Of Superficial Scars With This Homemade Ointment

Violet Cream is used for healing scars. Used regularly, this cream dissolves sometimes even the toughest scar tissue acting in depth.

You need:

-20 g of bloom violets
-10 ml of olive oil
-20 g of sheep fat
-3-4 drops of rose essential oil

Method of preparation:

In a bowl, put the chopped violets, along with olive oil and mutton tallow, and let it heat up in a Bain Marie, stirring constantly. After the mutton tallow melted, mix for a few minutes, then filter.

While the mixture cools, add the essential rose oil drops like the ointment to take longer. Store it in a clean cream box. This ointment can last for an entire year if is kept in a refrigerator.

Image Credits: Katekerrlondon

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