Get Rid Of Orange Peel Skin With This Anti-Cellulite Cream

It’s not hard to make your own cellulite cream at home.Most importantly, homemade cream is superior to those commercially available. This homemade cream gives visible results after only 7 days of use. The “orange peel” skin will disappear along with the stretch marks.


– any kind of skin cream for children
– 20 drops of orange essential oil
– 3-5 drops of essential oil of cinnamon


Pour 100 grams of the cream into a jar. Add 20 drops of orange oil (or citrus) and 5 drops of cinnamon oil.
Mix well, then close the jar and keep it for 8-10 hours. Before use, mix the ointment again. Your anti-cellulite cream is ready.
Do not forget to close the jar after each use.

How to use:

For best results, apply the cream every day to affected area by massaging the skin vigorously until completely absorbed. The first results are visible after 7 days.

Image Credits: Wikihow

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