Flour And Honey Mix To Get Rid Of Skin Lumps (Lipoma)

Fatty lumps usually appear on the head, neck, or armpit areas. They are benign growths that can occur at any time. In medicine, these are known as lipomas.

Here we have an effective solution for this problem and you don’t have to worry about the appearance of lipomas. You don’t need complicated medical treatments or surgery to get rid of this fatty lump.

Home remedy with honey and flour

Mix flour and honey until you get a homogeneous paste and apply it directly on the fat lump. Apply a thin layer and cover it with a paper towel or a bandage. Leave the mixture on for 36 hours, then remove the bandage and repeat the procedure again.

The entire treatment should last 7 to 8 days with 5 applications. After this time, you’ll notice the improvements and visible results and these fatty lumps will disappear.

Image Credits: Health4uspro