Effective Treatment to Get Rid of a Sore Throat at Home

Pain that gets worse when you swallow, irritation and scratchiness feeling in the throat – these are the symptoms of a sore throat. The two most common causes for a sore throat are flu and cold. Nevertheless, many times we can have a sore throat also because of exposure to dry air, pollution or allergies. Sometimes the feeling is so bad that you cannot even eat and drink properly. That is why a sore throat should be treated as soon as the first symptoms are felt.

Homemade remedies that successfully replace antibiotics

Most of the time a sore throat is not enough reason for us to take antibiotics, although a lot of people do this. You should know that using antibiotics often can cause your immune system to be more and more weak. So, when it comes to a minor issue like a sore throat, is better to consider trying natural remedies that you can prepare yourself with handy ingredients that you probably already have in your home. The two remedies recommended below will help you get rid of the pain fast and will heal the inflammation.

For the first remedy you will need two egg yolks, four teaspoons of honey and 200 ml of hot milk. Mix together the egg yolks and honey until you see something similar to a foam. Add the hot milk and drink it before it gets cold. Small sips will do it if you feel the beverage is too hot. By the time you finish the second cup of this natural remedy your sore throat will be already history.

If your sore throat is too stubborn and the pain is still there after trying the first remedy, it’s time to go to the next level. You will need two potatoes and medicinal alcohol. Shred the potatoes and then put it on a scarf. Pour medicinal alcohol over the shredded potatoes, roll the scarf and put it around your neck. It is not as comfortable as drinking a hot beverage, but it is sure worth it.

My recommendation is to hydrate yourself by drinking enough water. Make sure it is not too cold, room temperature is just fine. If you are not much of a drinking water person, try including some tea. The intake of vitamins is also important, so make sure you drink plenty of natural fruit juices. As for the food, hot soup is the best when it comes to a sore throat. Needless to say that spicy food, fuzzy drinks, alcohol and smoking will just make your sore throat worse.

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