The Most Effective Homemade Eye Serums to Get Rid of Pink Eye

A pink eye or conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the membrane covering the eyeball and eyelids. This membrane is thin and transparent and its purpose is to protect and moisten the eye. The pink eye is an inflammatory condition caused by various reasons like bacteria (staph or streptococcus), viruses (herpes simplex), allergies (triggered by dust, makeup, cosmetics, contact lenses), irritations (caused by cigarette smoke, pollution, shampoo, detergent, spray) or an incompletely closed tear duct (just for newborns).

The symptoms for conjunctivitis are: the feeling that you have a foreign object in your eye, itchy or burning eyes, abundant tearing, red eyes, congestion, a white-yellow liquid causing the eyelids to stick together while sleeping.

If you want to accelerate the healing process and to get rid of the pink eye faster, you can use one of the following homemade eye drops:

• Use vitamin A or marigold oil on your eyelids up to four times daily, until the conjunctivitis is completely healed

• Put two drops of aloe juice in your eyes, at night, before sleep

• Add two teaspoons of propolis in a glass of water, squeeze the contents through a gauze and use one drop for each eye, each three hours.

• Choose between one of the medicinal plants suitable to treat this condition – marigold, chamomile, rose petals, vine leaves or sage – to make wet pads for your pink eye. Infuse four spoons of dried plant in one cup of boiling water for 20 minutes. Put a sterile gauze in the warm liquid, drain it and apply it on your eye for 30 minutes.

If you expect the remedies to work, my advice is to also take hygiene precautions, like: avoiding the contact with the affected area, as it can be easily passed to the healthy eye; washing your hands with soap and wipe the liquid coming from your eye with sterile gauze, change your pillowcase and face towel every day; avoiding the use of makeup and cosmetics. Respecting these simple guidelines together with using the homemade remedies, will make the pink eye disappear in no time.

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