Easy and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose Quick

A stuffy nose is a symptom affecting all of us, children and adults, especially when we are exposed to cold weather. A blocked nose gives us an unpleasant feeling – we cannot breathe properly and we should always carry tissues. Whenever you have a cold, flu or allergies the mucus inside your nose will get irritated and inflamed. After a while, your sinuses will produce more mucus that will end up clogging your nose.

The stuffy nose was successfully treated even before the medicine era, using natural remedies. Here’s the best homemade treatments for a runny or stuffy nose:

Onion – one of the best remedies for nasal congestion

The onion is some kind of miracle vegetable with multiple uses. Except for the fact that it is used in the kitchen for almost all types of food, it is also a strong disinfectant. Crush a big onion in a plate and place it next to your bed while you sleep. The onion has a lot of substances that absorb the viruses and bacteria just by inhaling it. Although you will not have the best feeling sleeping with an onion next to you, this remedy is super effective.

Get rid of your stuffy nose with salt and water

Water mixed with salt is a good choice if you want to breath properly again. Mix one tablespoon of sea salt with one cup of warm water. Use a few drops to put it directly in your nostrils and keep the rest for gargle. The salt has strong antibacterial properties and will help you decongest your nose without using medicine.

Mustard seeds poultice for a relief feeling

Mustard seeds will make the mucus thinner and eliminate the excess. Put half cup of seeds in a blender and mix it until you get a fine powder. Add it on top of one cup of flower and mix everything with enough hot water to end up with a thick paste. Transfer the mixture between two pieces of cotton fabric and keep it on your chest for one hour.

My advice is to make sure you drink plenty of tea and have hot showers along with using the two homemade remedies, to make sure you get rid of your stuffy nose as soon as possible. Pay attention also to the food: chicken and vegetable soup is the best. Add some ginger, garlic and pepper in it to maximize the healing properties.

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