The Easiest Exercises You Need To Try To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Every woman wants a well-shaped body, but this involves a lot of sacrifices and … sports. In certain areas, the fat is harder to melt. It’s actually not fair, because the belly accumulates fat easier, and it’s extremely hard to get rid of it. So, getting rid of love handles is a difficult task, but below you have some exercises to get rid of love handles in 5 minutes.

Bending side to side

1. Close your legs, place your hands on your hips and bend to the left. Keep your arm straight above your head as you perform this movement. Then turn right, and raise your left hand above your head, to form a crown, and place the other hand on your hip.
2. After completing this set, repeat the exercise as follows:
-at first, with the arms fully extended sideways, and then with the arms up and palms stick to each other.
3. And the last exercises of this kind are those with legs spread away. Then bend on your left with the opposite arm in the air and the left arm on your hip for 6 times. Repeat this procedure, bending on your right.

Put your legs to work!

1. Lie on your back and raise your right leg then let it down, and repeat it with the left leg. Continue to do this exercise, by raising your legs and bringing your knees as close as possible to your chest. The sole of the foot should be with the toes pointing downwards. Repeat the exercise 20 times.
2. Try to bring each leg in the back, as if you would hit something imaginary with your foot. The other leg must remain in the same place in the upright position. Repeat this exercise 20 times, with speed.
3. The last exercise in this series involves short hits. Perform a kick with your fingertips at each leg, as if you hit a ball. Repeat this movement 20 times for each leg.


1. Keep your legs apart and your arms on front at the level as your shoulders. Swing and get up, making sure your soles stick to the floor. As with the previous exercise, do these squats quick and uninterrupted, 6th series.
2. When you have finished your training, you may need to increase the difficulty level. Thus, close your legs and try to make the squats on the tips of your toes. Repeat this procedure 6 times.
3. The third type of squats is standing on one leg. These exercises should be done alternately, first on the left foot, then on the right foot. The legs must be parallel.

Image Credits: Nailartsdesign

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