Cure psoriasis with turmeric powder

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease, in most cases, the source is hereditary and is generated by skin lesions, stress, agitation, infection (such as strep), certain medications (beta-blockers, ibuprofen, lithium), long sun exposure, alcohol, and smoking.

But in severe psoriasis cases, the treatment may be necessary for a lifetime and it consists of several procedures given by your dermatologist.

Next treatment is really great for this skin condition which will help you hold it under control. Here’s what to do!
Turmeric, known for its antioxidant properties, provides skin protection and promotes healing.

To achieve, this homemade medicine that is applied to the affected areas of psoriasis, you have to mix just one tablespoon of turmeric powder in a small amount of water (one tablespoon) to obtain a smooth paste that it adheres to the skin. Apply on the affected area and leave on for at least half an hour. Repeat two times a day for 2 weeks. The results will amaze you.

Image Credits: HomeRemedyHacks

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