Best Way to Treat an Eye Stye at Home

A stye is an infection of one of the sebaceous glands in the edge of the eyelid, next to the eyelashes. This infection may be developed outside or inside of the eyelid and it can affect anyone, regardless of the age. The eyelid will be painful, sensitive and a small red swelling will be observed. In approximately three days puss will be collected inside the stye.

The infection may appear because of touching the eyes with dirty hands, swimming in contaminated pools, rubbing the eyelids, using expired cosmetics or being in contact with someone that has a staphylococcus aureus infection.

How to treat a stye at home:

Homemade remedies have proven to be an effective way to get rid of the stye and reduce the pain. We are recommending two natural treatments, one for calming the pain and one for reducing the swelling.

For the pain, you will need chamomile teabags. It is well known that this tea has calming ingredients that will help with the pain caused by stye. Take a chamomile teabag and put it in a cup filled with hot water for a few seconds. Take it out, wait until it is warm and apply directly on the affected eyelid. Leave it on until it gets cool.

For the swelling, peel a potato and shred it. Transfer it on a clean fabric piece and apply directly on the stye. This remedy has an amazing effect – it’s reducing the swelling in just one day.

It is not recommended to squeeze or press on the stye. Also, do not use make-up products at all, because it will get worse. After treating the stye make sure you have a rigorous hygiene routine for your hands and eyes. Avoid the polluted and dusty environments, regularly replace your cosmetics and use protection sunglasses.

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