The Best Natural Syrup to Get Rid of Cough Instantly

Either you caught a cold or you just have an acute infection of the airways, the cough can cause serious problems if it’s not treated on time. The cough can be wet, dry or mixed. Wet cough comes from the chest and it feels like a reflex mechanism of taking out the irritative factors through an abundant mucus secretion. It is specific to the inflammatory diseases like asthma or sinusitis. The dry cough is coming from the esophagus. It is irritant and without mucus and characteristic to allergies, tuberculosis, ENT affections and the lack of iron in the body. The mixed cough comes in different stages of the healing process, as a consequence of an incomplete treatment.

The best natural syrup against coughing:

Some natural ingredients are very efficient in treating a cough. One of them is the black radish. Black radish syrup will heal any kind of cough, either dry or wet and it will also boost your immune system. Plus, the kids will love the taste.

Wash a black radish and put it in a bowl with the leaves up. Make a hole and remove the leaves. Inside the hole add one teaspoon of organic honey. Place the bowl with the radish next to a heat source. After 12 hours, the radish will produce a syrup. The dosage is one teaspoon of syrup three to four times daily. As you are emptying the radish from syrup, add more honey in the hole. You can keep doing it until the radish will become shrunken.

If you feel it’s too hard to carve a hole in the radish, you can just cut two of them in very thin slices, without peeling it. Put the slices in a ceramic bowl and alternate the layers with honey. Keep it for 6-12 hours next to a source of heat until the syrup is ready.

Using a homemade remedy will help you get rid of your cough faster than taking medicines, but you should keep in mind that cough can be caused by a more serious illness, like a heart disease. My advice is to see a doctor if your cough comes together with one of the following symptoms: high fever and excessive sweating during the night, difficulties in breathing, wheezing without physical effort, it keeps going for more than three weeks after the treatment started, you are coughing with blood or you are losing weight.

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