Aspirin The Best Ally To Get Rid Of Dandruff

If you’re tired of trying all sorts of dandruff shampoos, which are expensive and dry your hair without getting rid of the problem, you need to know that there are natural remedies that you can prepare at home to get rid of this “snowy shoulder problem”. The most effective remedy to get rid of dandruff is aspirin.

I’m sure you already know that aspirin is used as a medicine against pain or cold. But you probably didn’t know that this tablet is also a very effective dandruff remedy.

Salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin, is of great help if you have problems with dandruff.

You need:

– 3 aspirin tables
– a handful of shampoo

Dissolve the aspirin tablets in shampoo and wash your hair with this solution. Let it act for 2-3 minutes then rinse well. Wash again the hair just with shampoo. Repeat this procedure until you get rid of dandruff. In 2 weeks you’ll no longer face with this problem.

After drying, you’ll see that your hair is brighter without any trace of dandruff.
You should know that salicylic acid present in aspirin is used as an ingredient in many dandruff shampoos. This is because this acid helps to remove dead cells from the scalp.

Image Credits: Diyhealthremedy

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