3-Step Treatment to Get Rid of a Cold Without Medicine

Everyone gets a cold once in a while. Children tend to get as many as 6-8 colds in a year on account of weaker immune systems. You must keep in mind that our bodies have the inherent ability to fight off most germs.

All these time-tested remedies work effectively and quickly so you’ll be sure to feel better in a couple of days.

Step 1: Stop eating

If you have a cold, in 90% of cases you have no appetite. However, you are stubborn or urged by the others to eat at least a little.

If you care about your body’s health, choose not to poison it even worse. Cold is a sign that the body is over-saturated with toxins. When you have a cold, your body starts a detoxification process. Try to understand your body and don’t fight against it.

Step 2: Drink as many liquids

It is important to listen to your body and drink the amount of water it asks for. You have to drink water, because when you have a cold your body eliminates a lot of water. Only the large amount of nasal secretions makes you eliminate much more water than usual. You do not have to worry about the amount of water you need to consume. Your body already knows the answer and will ask for the exact amount it needs.

Step 3: Sleep or just rest

The body uses all the energy reserves when it engages in the detoxification process that we call cold. This is why when we have a cold we feel the need to sleep longer.

If you fulfill this third and last need of the body, you’ll get rid of cold in a very short time.

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