3 Effective And Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Jock Itch Fast

Women don’t talk too much about inguinal rash, but many of them have this problem not only unpleasant but also unsightly. Even if it is an inconvenient subject, it shouldn’t be avoided. Rash or irritation can occur for many reasons, most often being the hair removal method you use, because this area is very sensitive. The good news is that there are enough methods to prevent inguinal irritation, but also enough natural treatments to get rid of it.

1. Cold compresses: Probably the most intuitive treatment for inguinal rash (or any other type of irritation) with immediate effect. Put some ice cubes in a thin towel and leave the compress on the affected area for a few minutes. When you remove your hair, apply cold water immediately to prevent the appearance of red bumbs.

2. Apple cider vinegar:
Inguinal irritation can be treated quickly with this cure, because it has anti-inflammatory properties and immediately gets rid of itchiness, while preventing pores infection. Soak a piece of cotton wool in apple vinegar and apply it to the irritated area. Dab it gently then let the skin dry. Rinse it with cold water, repeating the process 2-3 times a day, until the irritation disappears.

3. Aspirin: This remedy is also used to treat acne, the aspirin mask being the most effective in fighting this dermatological condition. Aspirin has anti-inflammatory properties, almost instantly reducing irritation and soothing pain.

Here’s how to make a healing cream: crush 2 aspirin tablets and mix them with a teaspoon of water to get a paste. Apply it to the irritated area and let it take effect for 10 minutes then rinse with water.

Image Credits: Homeremedyhacks

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