3 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Stomach Cramps at Home

Cramps, pain and abdominal discomfort are symptoms that signal a problem in the gastro-intestinal apparatus. Studies indicate that females are more affected by cramps than males, with a proportion of 31% against 22%. Sometimes cramps and abdominal pain come together with nausea, vomiting and constipation. Abdominal contraction and stinging stomach are standard symptoms for cramps. There are many reasons for cramps, like spicy food, dairy products, smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee, stress or hormonal imbalance.

How to treat stomach cramps at home:

Your stomach is suffering daily from aggressive physiological or psychological factors. Having an imbalanced meal schedule, starving ourselves, being tired or stressed – all of this can make us have cramps anytime. Luckily, treating mild to moderate cramps can be done in your home following a few easy steps:

• Prepare tea from plants that relax your stomach and help your digestion. You can choose between basil or thyme. Mix one teaspoon of your plant of choice with a tablespoon of cold water and leave it aside for five minutes. Meanwhile, bring 250 ml of water to boil and pour it over the plants, leaving it covered for another 15 minutes. You can drink up to three cups daily.

• Lay back and gently massage your abdomen with up and down moves. Try to relax, as the reason for having cramps can be stress.

• Apply hot packs on the area affected by the cramps. Inhale and exhale slowly, contracting your abdomen.

Although a mild or moderate cramp is nothing to worry about and can be easily taken care of at home, I advise seeing a doctor if the pain is persistent or if you cannot take it. Intense abdominal cramps that come suddenly can be a symptom for appendicitis, which requires surgery. If you feel like you cannot walk because of the cramps, call the emergency services immediately. Other than that, you can rely on tea for getting rid of the cramps.

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