2 Fat Burning Syrups to Get Rid of Love Handles

Commonly called love handles, the fat around your torso is not a health risk when you compare it with the belly fat infiltrating your organs and harming you. Having love handles is more like an aesthetics issue. No matter how much you will lose or gain weight, the love handles will always look big and the fat in that area is harder to get rid of than the belly fat, believe it or not. After you tried everything – going to the gym, eating healthy – and you still didn’t get rid of the love handles, what else can you do?

Boost your metabolism

If you want to get rid of the love handles without exercising you should find a way to boost your metabolism and make it burn more fat. You can do this by drinking dandelion and peppermint tea. This is what you will need:

• One teaspoon of dandelion leaves, dried
• One teaspoon of peppermint leaves, dried
• One tablespoon of lemon juice
• One teaspoon of honey
• One cup of water

Bring the water to boil and then add the dried plant leaves. Cover and leave it for ten minutes. When the time is up, add the honey and lemon juice. You can drink up to four cups of this tea daily to boost your metabolism and get rid of the love handles. Both plants will stimulate your liver, which means a better digestion that will lead to a faster fat burning.

For a more spicy way to get rid of the torso fat you will need:

• One teaspoon of pepper
• The juice from one lemon
• 250 ml of water
• One teaspoon of organic agave syrup

Agave Syrup

Add all the ingredients in a blender, shake it and drink. You will love the pepper taste as soon as you will see how fast is melting your love handles.

My advice is to love your body regardless of how much fat you want to get rid of. Loving, accepting and respecting your looks will make you achieve whatever goals you set, either if it’s about getting rid of love handles or melting fat from any other part of your body.

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